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NCJW Miami’s Listen & Engage Program is a six-month leadership development program engaging and educating Jewish cis women, trans women, femme/feminine-identifying, genderqueer, and non-binary leaders ages 22-45 in the exploration and action of leadership, communication, advocacy, and social justice. If you or someone you know is an emerging leader in the community among community organizations, Jewish organizations, affinity groups, or from within NCJW Miami, we invite you to apply to participate in the 2020-21 Listen & Engage Cohort. Make meaningful change and deep connections with cohort peers and experienced, dynamic leaders in the business, law, government, and non-profit sectors.


The deadline for applications is at 5pm on Friday, July 3rd. 


The application can be reviewed and submitted HERE.

Brooke Walis 

The L&E program allowed me to see my skills as transferable to community building and impact work. More importantly, it connected me with individuals whose work and passion was contagious and allowed me the opportunity to learn about numerous social benefit causes. I already identified as a leader in the professional sense, but not in relation to my Jewish community. This experience showed me there is so much opportunity to get involved in a way that is comfortable for me and my definition of being Jewish. It absolutely altered my perspective of myself in relation to the Jewish community.

Alana Mantel 

The Listen & Engage program gave me a deeper connection to the Jewish Community in Miami and showed me there are many ways my Jewish values can relate to important issues in our community and country. L&E also gave me important leadership skills through the workshops they conducted in the program. Most importantly, it has connected me to a group of women I may have not been connected to if I had not been placed in a cohort with them. I had attended with NCJW’s Washington Institute through the L&E program, and had the opportunity to meet with Florida’s legislators to discuss important issues within our Miami community, which in turn connected me to resources and ways I can influence people in my community. 

Rachel Federgreen 

I met some amazing people through the program and was able to use those relationships to support the other projects I do with the League of Women Voters (LWV) Florida and Miami-Dade. Through NCJW Miami’s Listen & Engage program, I was able to bring Cecile Scoon, prominent Civil Rights Attorney and 1st VP of LWV FL to Miami to give a presentation on voter restoration. I appreciate Amy Bloom’s encouragement include sponsors and funding partners, to market the program, and to create a committee of people to support the event. It came together seamlessly and had a huge turnout. 

Laurie Scop 

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with an exceptional, diverse group of leaders within our L&E program. The opening event with Shelia Katz was a powerful testament to our strength as Jewish women and advocates, and I received some important feedback about my project when we met as an intimate group afterwards. Additionally, while participating in a host of programs, I met and reconnected with friends who serve on the board and in the organization’s leadership. Because of these experiences, there are several very meaningful connections I made. 

Listen and Engage is partially funded by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

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