Restoration of Voting Rights

We won! We passed Amendment 4 in Florida, restoring the eligibility to vote to more than 1.4 million people to vote in Florida.


Already, Governor-Elect Desantis is pushing back and trying to prevent people from registering.


All the more reason for us to be getting ready and supporting the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition in their work to register 1.4 million people to vote and to do so in a way that engages them and their friends and families who often feel disenfranchised as well to be part of the political process.


Two things you can do:


1.       Spread the word on social media and to your email lists and encourage your members nationwide to reach out to friends and family in Florida to make sure that they know that January 8 is the day for people to go register to vote. Here is a post you can share on Facebook from the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition and retweet posts from their Twitter feed .


2.       Register for an online briefing with Desmond Meade and others who are leading the effort on January 7 at 4pm ET.

the Petition

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