We've Got You Covered

In January 2018,  we began a new Community Service project,” We’ve Got You Covered”. This was to be a  simple undertaking where a group of women would monthly make fleece blankets for infusion patients at the Mt.Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center.   Each blanket would have a sewn label saying We’ve Got You Covered….Made with Care for You by NCJW. Members would personally hand-deliver the blankets along with a flyer explaining NCJW in both English and Spanish. Over these two years 35 different women have participated in making and then delivering 70 blankets.  The impact of this simple project on our members, the individual patients, and professionals has far exceeded anything we could have imagined.

For one member it has become a satisfying experience where  “I can interact with other women and piece together in friendship something special which we know will provide warmth, comfort, and love to people who are dealing with very stressful and tough situations in their lives”. To another  "it has become a source of camaraderie and inspiration...a way to make and deepen friendships while we lovingly imagine our blankets giving additional warmth and comfort."  This same member, a healthcare professional, whose commitment has personal roots continues “I remember my mother who while in the hospital and hospice with cancer was given warm blankets which enveloped and soothed her.  I know that every little thing that gives comfort is truly healing and meaningful."


For those members who have delivered the blankets it has been a quite moving and humbling experience.  They are moments filled with happiness, tears, and gratitude. I see that “It makes them feel warm and cared for”.  


These exact sentiments have been echoed by the patients and by Michael Mocoski, Director of Nursing/Social Work Comprehensive Cancer Center. He sees this initiative as a ‘gift of community support and love'. “ Smiles and laughter are easily expressed as volunteers and patients engage with warmth and goodwill. Sentiments are exchanged and from this, healing occurs for the patients, knowing they are cared for by strangers”.  Michael, who has been an oncology nurse for 25 years is heartened by this initiative. “People in the community do care about others and the hardships they endure… I know as a nurse, healing does occur when patients smile, laugh, and engage with warm sentiments showing appreciation to the volunteers of this great organization. Thank you Thank you. Thank you.”


In these days of Covid 19 and social isolation, these patients feel more alone and Vulnerable...and need our outreach now more than ever.  We will continue to wrap them in caring embraces through our blankets and Michael will deliver our “Spiel” which he knows by/in his heart in English and Spanish.  


We’ve Got You Covered is indeed a way NCJW is ensuring dignity for all and supporting our community. 

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